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Wedding planners Miami

The dress, the invitations, the dinner, the rehearsal … Too much work, don’t you think? Especially if you want to celebrate your wedding in a place like Miami: everything you should enjoy your moment would go to planning and taking care of the details during the event. It doesn’t have to be this way: hire the best wedding planners in Miami and have the best time of your life without worry.

Why get married in Miami?


Have you noticed that more and more people are looking to get married in Miami? In fact, Miami is the fifth preferred destination in the world for couples to get married.

This is due to its cultural diversity and its beautiful beaches that, together with the climate, make this destination one of the most romantic in the entire United States.

When you choose to get married in Miami it is because you want a perfect wedding and here, at Klasse Events, we will help you to make it real.

Wedding planers in Miami and why you need one


Klasse Events wedding planners help couples have a unique and incredible event and a day to remember for the rest of their lives. How do they do it? With a vibrant and energetic attitude, always oriented to detail, so that everything works perfectly and you have a successful wedding.

Responsibilities of a wedding planner in Miami


A wedding planner is more than just a person who organizes the event: she takes care of negotiating, making payments and ensuring that everything will be on time for your dream day. That is why you should always contact someone who has years of experience, capable of making your wedding unforgettable, not only for you and your partner, but also for your guests: someone like the Klasse Events staff.

Among the responsibilities of our wedding planners we can highlight:

  • Get budgets and guarantee the best price.
  • Guarantee that, in the event of a budgetary change, these are incorporated into the wedding plans.
  • Take care of your budget.
  • Logistics management so that the supplies and equipment necessary for the wedding are transported in a timely manner.
  • Check the reception site before, to make sure everything is working fine.
  • During the event, supervise the delivery of dinner, cake, wine and drinks in general, music, etc., so that you and your partner enjoy your wedding without worries.
  • Understand their style, colors, vibe and taste.
  • Analyze and discuss with you the progress of the plans until the wedding date.

Klasse Events wedding planners are trained to propose you an action plan and submit a contract for planning services. With us, you will find the experience to make your wedding that day you always dreamed of. Contact us. Make your event an unforgettable experience.